MA group crit: 3 pieces of work

Posted on by Ben Hodson

A group crit with Hannah Birkett, proved an enagaged and interesting look at some of the recent work my fellow students have been creating.  I presented some recent  photos, the peace project and an image I made while in wales.  We were encouraged not to explain the work and see what people think of the work.

The Re Show Video

Posted on by Ben Hodson

This video shows an overview of the recent exhibition that I have been a part of.  It was sponsored by the Arts Council and was in a temporary gallery space in High Wycombe.

Luton is Heaven Luton is Hell

Posted on by Ben Hodson

Here is the video I made in conjunction with Umair as part of the initial Luton brief.  The work is really visual research and the main idea is about juxtposing both a "positive" and "negative" image of the same location in the same shot.  All the clips were shot at stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton.  This was a challenge as most of the places in the centre are what most would consider beautiful and well kept.