Exhibition in Iraq <> Exhibition in the UK

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This part of the project is concentrating on two main stages. Firstly, I have put on a solo exhibition in the Ismail Khayat gallery in Iraq. Secondly, I will be exhibiting in a group degree show in the UK. The juxtaposition of these two exhibitions and the dialogue they create is where this part of the project lies. I also have a couple of exhibitions scheduled for October 2012 in the Crypt Gallery off Trafalgar Square and The Exhibition Hall at Stockwood Discovery Centre in April 2013. I will also aim to show some of the new work I have created. These, however, fall outside the time frame of the MA.

Overview and main changes to proposal

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In 2009 I travelled to Iraq. I collected a large amount of data, images, video and audio. From this large database I created art work, curated a travelling group exhibition called Iraq – The Forgotten Story and creatively supported a charity. I went on to create and exhibit a number of projects for the first half of my MA. For the final major project I have brought this large body of work to an ambitious conclusion with a return trip to Iraq in June 2012.  The project has resulted in two main outcomes;


1)  Exhibition in Iraq <> Exhibition in the UK

2)  Peace for Luton, mountain installation and reenactment.


The outcomes are showcased in this studio journal, the rationale, the final major project work and subsequent degree show.  The cultural exchange exhibitions were initially set out in my proposal, however, the Peace for Luton project has developed after persuing some of my initial research and following leads I had in Iraq.

MA group crit: 3 pieces of work

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A group crit with Hannah Birkett, proved an enagaged and interesting look at some of the recent work my fellow students have been creating.  I presented some recent  photos, the peace project and an image I made while in wales.  We were encouraged not to explain the work and see what people think of the work.

Notes - The Creative Process

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Notes MA Thursday 13th October 2011


The creative process

Encourage playfulness, risk-taking and experimentation.

Allow for uncertainty and ambiguity.

Emphasize collaboration and partnership.

Encourage student independence and intrinsic motivation.

Value the individual.

Encourage debate and active engagement.

Acknowledge individual approaches to learning.

Encourage intrinsic motivation.

Promote convergent and divergent thinking skills & value divergence and diversity.

Make the creative process explicit.

Provide opportunities for learner choice and autonomy.


Creativity is important to effective communication; discipline analysis, essential to creative thinking, provides a systematic framework for investigation; the processes of idea-generation require raw material (facts and knowledge) to provide the basis of associations; and the creative process in art and design has received insufficient critical analysis.



Personal creativity is:

...a process of becoming sensitive to or aware of problems, deficiencies, and gaps in knowledge for which there is no learned solution; bringing together existing information from the memory storage or external; defining the difficulty or identifying the missing elements; searching for solutions, making guesses, producing alternatives to solve the problem; testing and re-testing these alternatives; and perfecting them and finally communicating the results.


TORRANCE, E. & ROCKENSTEIN, Z . (1988) Styles of Thinking and Creativity, in R.

Schmeck (ed.) Learning Strategies and Learning Styles. New York: Plenum Press



Creative aims:


nurture capabilities of personal and team creativity;

promote understanding of the nature and role of creativity within a students individual social and economic contexts;

overcome barriers to the creative process;

develop frameworks within which to evaluate creative, entrepreneurial opportunities;

enhance communication and presentation skills; and improve team building and working abilities.


to avoid writers/designers block:

keep writing/working


Presentations - build confidense


Graft Architects 


Dont divorce yourselves from your feelings





Investigation of materials.


Sketchbooks, notebooks, blogs


Debate, collaboration, individual study, 


Keep reinventing yourself,

promote divergent and convergent 


Ben Wilson 

Painting chewing gum



Starting the Studio Journal

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