Final stages of project and final outcomes

Posted on by Ben Hodson

In 2009 I travelled to Iraq. I collected a large amount of data, images, video and audio. From this large database I created artwork, curated a travelling group exhibition called Iraq – The Forgotten Story and creatively supported a charity. I went on to create and exhibit a number of projects for the first half of my MA. For the final major project I have brought this large body of work to an ambitious conclusion with a return trip to Iraq in June 2012.  The project has resulted in two main outcomes;

1)  Exhibition in Iraq <> Exhibition in the UK

2)  Peace for Luton, mountain installation and reenactment.

The outcomes are showcased in this rationale, the final major project work and subsequent degree show.  The cultural exchange exhibitions were initially set out in my MA proposal, however, the Peace for Luton project has developed after pursuing some of my initial research and following leads I had in Iraq.  

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