Reflections on modernism and Post modernism

Posted on by Ben Hodson

Modernism has forever transformed society, culture and the context within which all contemporary art is made.  It was a fundamentally floored but equally neccessary transition to come through.  The reaction to postmodernism has opened up the space in which an art can be practiced and freed the artist to question and challenge everything.  I am an artist in the tradition of Jeremy Deller.  His practice is based around the bringing together of concepts, projects and mediums. He regularly breaks conventions, works cross platform and cross media.  My own practice is similarly varied. This breaking down of barriers and moving across mediums is certainly a result and fruit of postmodernism, although I do not support much of its theoretical elements. In searching for context for my own work I find myself identifying with elements of altermodenism, metamodernism and remodernism.  Fundamentally I believe that art should interact, comment and even try and change the world, whilst still providing space for enjoying the shear beauty or challenging concept of a piece of art.  Art and cultural history will show how we characterise this current phase we are currently in.  Some even argue that since postmodernism, that even defining movements has become impossible.  Whether that is true or not, I hope that the art made today in this broken world we live in is celebrated for its ability to bring about positive change.