An attempt at making a statement

Posted on by Ben Hodson

As part of my on going reflection of my work I have put together a manifesto which sums up a lot of my practice and the values I try to live by.  This is defintely a work in progress and by no means finished.


Art can change the world

Art in its widest context can and does positively change the world. My work, time and research is caught up with this notion. Art is a great way of intervening in situations.  Art sits at the forefront of change in a society and has an inherited responsibility to engage with social change.

Creativity is always better in community

I consistently look to work in collaboration with other artists and creatives.  It is always better to work with someone who genuinely wants benefit for others rather then just for themselves. I am actively working against the isolation that is sometimes apparent in being an artist.


Visual peace making

As an image consumer and creator I am devoted to peacemaking and breaking down stereotypes by displaying the beauty of cultures from around the world. I actively look to build peace through the work I create.

There is always hope

Art regularly engages with ideas and themes which are dark in nature, artists need to build opportunities for hope and constructive and creative solutions to the issues.

Everything is art

Everything I do is an extension of my art practice; connecting people, projects, ideas, collaborations and image creations.  Constructing a creative business or community project is as valid as using more traditional methods and mediums. 

Everyone is creative

I strongly believe that everyone is creative.  The claim that some people aren't creative, normally means they can't draw or paint.  Everyone has creativity built into them although it expresses itself in different ways.  I endeavour to draw this out of other people and remove some of the inherent elitism found in traditional art contexts.

There are stories to tell

The notions of narrative and story telling are important to my work, as they are important to human society.  Everyone has a story to tell and art has a wonderful opportunity to tell these stories.