Reflection: Cross medium like Jimmy Robert?

Posted on by Ben Hodson

The majority of the final major project lies in a more performative space.  The act of going to Iraq and putting on an exhibition is more important to me then the actual content of what I exhibited or the shots of the installation.  The act of painting messages of peace on the side of an Iraqi mountain is more important then the brush strokes themselves or the images and video which show the event.  I don’t consider myself a performance artist, however, I do take inspiration from artists, like Jimmy Robert, who also work across mediums, using photography, film, collage, video and performance. He is big on layering and the re-appropriation of other artist’s works, which in itself becomes another layering technique.  His work can be read on many levels and as the artforum writes: “mercurial practice resists speedy parsing”. Editor, ArtFourm 2012.  As my practice develops I find myself developing the concept first and deciding on the medium second.