Visual Research

Posted on by Ben Hodson

Space 27

As part of my on going investigation into what subject areas most interest me.  I have been creating a number of images.  These images are based round the ideas of space, place and location.  This is definately one area of interest for me, however, as I have been creating these images I have come to realise that it is certainly not the whole picture.  

I have been going into spaces that have been abandoned or are no longer viewed by people.  This has meant some climbing over fences, but I have not forced my way into any space.  There are a large number of old factories and warehouses in Luton (where I live) and this has provided a rich source of content for me.  I spent time walking around looking for spaces which engaged/interested me and then photographed them in a very documentary style.  I did not affect the spaces and my presence there appears to be less important then in previous work I have done (Amna Suraka).

Click on the image to view other images from a number of sites close to where I live.  These images dont appear to be bringing me any answers about where I am going with the work, rather it has made me pose more questions.  Some of these questions include:

Is space important to me?

Whats the difference between space and place and location?

Is it important that I have been in the space?

Does the space need to have had a dramatic history?

Do I need to know this history or a narrative?

How important is narrative in my work?


These questions and many more will slowly become either clearer or maybe even answered as I progress with the research.  I find this form of visual research very helpful as it helps refine my intentions and link some of my theoretical reading/understanding to what I am creating.