Artist: Luc DeLahaye

Posted on by Ben Hodson

I have been looking at French Photographer Luc Delahaye.  The Deutch Borse prize winner is a photojournalist and artist.  His large format and engaging works blur the lines between reportage and fine art.  I find both how he has been acceptance in the art world and scale of his work interesting.

Delahaye has long crossed the line between photojournalist and artist.  In this image, the artist depicts a "Dead Taliban Soldier" (2001).  The scale at which his prints are reproduced and the high quality result that he obtains from the medium/large format photography gives the viewer a reaction which is more profound then the usual journalitic image.

His work makes me start to question the nature and "genre" of my own work.  His blurring of the traditional bounderies in photography certainly interest me.